Bamboo Flooring

The latest trend in flooring is the distinct option of bamboo. Bamboo flooring has just recently been introduced as a modern form of flooring, but it has risen to popularity very quickly in Melbourne for many reasons associated with style and other appealing qualities.

Bamboo flooring is very different from other flooring options, because it is a grass and not a wood. This offers a look that is noticeable and can be strand woven to create eye popping patterns. Bamboo is further differentiated from classic hardwood timber flooring, due to the tightness of each strand of bamboo. The color distinction in bamboo is also recognized and appreciated by flooring enthusiasts.


Another great feature of bamboo flooring is the vast options in different production stages. It can be sold in a light and natural form or it is available in darker shades of color created by carbon. Carbonization is used to darken bamboo and create beautiful brown colors that are brought about from steam and pressure. The best part about carbonization is that every process is different because the length is what determines the bamboo colour result.

It might seem far-fetched, but bamboo is actually stronger and more durable when compared to traditional wood flooring. Some types of bamboo are stronger than maple and three times stronger than red oak. Some people might not consider bamboo an option because they are unaware of its strength; however it is a viable option when resilience is taken into consideration. Bamboo doesn’t dent easily and can endure great impact. Therefore, durability issues should not be a concern with bamboo flooring. Bamboo is also water resistant due to being laminated and is not likely to warp or fade, will stand the test of time and remain distinctive and beautiful flooring option.

bamboo flooring2

Not only will bamboo add flair and style to your home, but it will also have a positive impact on the environment. You will be able to spare the forests from further depletion when you opt for this option which is rapidly becoming popular. Harvesting bamboo is much quicker and is a much more environmentally conscious choice for flooring than traditional wood.

In the end, bamboo flooring is a great alternative to wood flooring that will give your home a distinctive style and original flair. It's unique but it is also extremely durable and resilient when compared to wood. This environmentally conscious flooring will be a part of your home for years to come.

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Bamboo Flooring Types

Natural strand bamboo flooring

Natural Strand Bamboo

Our most eco-friendly flooring utilizes all harvested bamboo stock by heating strips of bamboo and weaving them together under pressure. It's our toughest and most durable flooring Stained bamboo flooring

Stained Bamboo Flooring

Timber Flooring Melbourne offers a variety of stained bamboo colours and finishes