Floating Timber Floors

floating timber floorOne of the largest spaces being furnished in a house is the floor. In fact, the flooring of a house is the first thing that is being noticed, thus creating an impression about what kind of person you are. In this, you cannot just say that the flooring on your house is not a bid deal since it definitely is. The type of flooring in your Melbourne house should be properly picked in order to beautify it and also to give any of your visitors a glimpse about your personality. These days, the most common flooring almost every person install in their home is the timber. If you are considering on changing your flooring, you may try on installing floating timber floors.

Floating timber floors is one of the types of timber flooring that are being nailed, attached or glued to the surface of the floor. They are called floating timber floors because they just need to be fitted and placed on the already exiting floor. Floating timber floors can be laid down and attached over concrete, timber floorboards, plywood, particleboards, tiles and even cork. This type of flooring must only be attached on a hard floor surface and that the area must also be level.

Types of Floating Timber Floors

Floating timber floors has 2 types. They are the real and fake floating timber floors. Real timber floors are being attached in a soft or hard layer of wood in a fibreboard substrate with high density. Typically, this type of floating timber floor is prefinished so that laying them on the floor can be easily and quickly made. After laying them on the floor, you can also consider on sanding them but be aware that this can only be done in limited tries since this real wood only has a thin layer. The other type is the fake timber floating floor. This type of floating timber floors are laminate made, to be exact, a paper veneer and resins that are being attached to the substrate. From the name itself, fake floating timber floors are designed and also printed in a way as to make it look like a real timber with the only difference that you do not have to worry about any maintenance issues.

Advantages of Installing Floating Timber Floors

The first advantage of installing a floating timber floor is that it is highly economical. When you install this type flooring, you will not have to spend much since this is cheaper unlike when you are going to choose the real timber floors. Aside from that, installing this type of floor is also easy that you can just do it all by yourself. No need to pay for a professional, you just have to allocate a little time in installing them, and that’s it! A simple way to furnish your house and at the same time lets you save money.

Floating timber floor is also a flexible type or flooring. When you install this, you will be assured that there will be no gaps since it can flex in order to accommodate the movements that may happen on the Melbourne floor. Floating timber floor can easily be installed and also can avoid making unnecessary gaps on the floor.

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