Hardwood Timber Flooring

One of the best materials that is currently in big demand right now in Melbourne is hardwood timber flooring. Wood has always been a frequent option amongst engineers, architects and homeowners mostly because of its aesthetic value and durability.

When you opt to use timber flooring, it is very important to know the different types to choose from. Selection varies from vinyl, hardwood, tiling, bamboo, slate, etc. Another thing to consider when you choose your flooring is the characteristic you want in a wood. If you want the floor to look weathered or look like it has been used for years then go for timber or plank flooring. It also contains a natural look having some saw kerfs or slight cracks. Some vendors would also call this plank or barn board flooring.


One of the most common choices nowadays is hardwood timber. Not many people know that this type of flooring comes from deciduous trees, definitely produced from oak trees. Some hardwood timber is also made from beech, walnut, and maple trees.

Benefits of hardwood timber flooring

  • Long-lasting – this type of floor is very durable since it is also water resistant and has been a top choice for centuries.
  • Health friendly – compared to carpets, it does not invite molds or dust mites to accumulate.
  • Adds beauty – consider the elegance, natural look and warmth this floor gives to the house.
  • Higher property value – very good investment since the floor can maintain their character.
  • Easy to maintain – to keep the floor clean and spotless you only need to sweep and mop it regularly.
  • Versatility – using hardwood flooring will definitely fit whether you go for old-style architecture or a modern design for your house.
  • Environment friendly – you can take pleasure using this material because it already has a lesser impact in the eco system. Recycled timber materials are being used to reproduce flooring. These recycled items come from old barns and buildings.

hardwood flooring

Taking into consideration on the cost of this material you might have second thoughts when you see the price. Although you might think it is very costly, it would appear to be cheaper in the long run. Again because of its durability, it will take a lot of years or decades maybe before any hardwood timber flooring would get destroyed. Maintenance will only be a simple mop on it rather than having to buy a carpet every 7-9 years. Lastly, compared to solid timber, hardwood timber is inexpensive compared to other Melbourne timbers and does not need to be constantly sanded or polished.

With all the benefits from hardwood timber flooring, most definitely this is a very great deal that you can consider.

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Hardwood Timber Types

Blackbutt Hardwood Timber Flooring


With a tinge of pink and colours ranging from a light to pale brown, this is a beautiful hardwood that will last a lifetime Spotted Gum Hardwood Timber Flooring

Spotted Gum

Wavy brown grains and pure character make this one of Australia's most breath taking timbers Jarrah Hardwood Timber Flooring


Deep and rich in natural colour, Jarrah hardwood timber floors are known for their durability