Laminate Flooring

Called floating wooden tile in many other countries but known in Melbourne as laminated flooring is a multi-layer synthetic floor material bided together by the process of lamination. This kind of flooring is made of melamine resin and the fiber board material. Nowadays this kind of flooring is very popular and has many advantages.

Easy to install

laminate timber floor

Laminate floors are easy to install compared to other floor types. There are a lot of different kinds of Melbourne laminate floors options that are glue less. With the use of this option the boards can be put together in a tongue-and-groove pattern which will clicks together to make a tight stiff and strong surface. You can also work on the floors of your house on your own if you have some experience and knowledge of carpentry. By doing so you will be able to save on the labor cost of hiring professionals for this task. The laminated flooring helps one save time and effort.



Laminate flooring can adjust and fit to all kinds of subfloors. If the moisture of the subfloor has increased, a laminate floor would be the best and simplest solution available. This type of flooring can be done easily installed with all kinds of subfloorings whether it is the concrete flooring or the ceramic subflooring but it's important to make sure the subfloor is leveled, clean, and moisture free.

Fine and nice finish

Exactly like the real wood flooring, it's pattern and finish which is visible on the floor is a copy of the printed photo of the real wood look which is pasted on the clear area with the use of an aluminium oxide finish. The aluminium oxide finish will give the laminate floors a rugged strength to abrasion.


It's often said that laminate flooring has a three step warranty. If the proper care is taken, they will last for much longer than other types of flooring and won't stain and fade as easily. The laminated flooring has been evergreen flooring it matches with all kind of furniture and upholstery colors. Ideal for all rooms of your house. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and improve the look and feel of your house by installing quality laminated floors.

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