Parquetry Flooring

Flooring options are staggering. Everything from carpet to concrete to hardwood and then everything in between can make shopping for new flooring in Melbourne a bit overwhelming. There are some affordable and attractive options however. One example is parquetry flooring. This versatile and durable flooring is making a big comeback, with major improvements to the old style. Materials wise and aesthetically speaking parquet floors offer a variety that many may not have realized. Here is a look at what parquetry flooring is and what the benefits are to laying it in your home.

parquet flooring

The New Parquet

Parquet flooring basically is flooring that is laid using square or rectangular pieces of wood or other material. The result is a patterned and often geometric look that can vary depending on design. Parquet flooring, however did not always have a good reputation. The days of buckling strips of flooring made from flimsy manufactured materials are long gone. If this is the image parquet flooring brings to mind, rest assured those days are gone. The new parquet is still affordable, but it is durable, long lasting, can withstand wear and tear and of course, it is beautiful. The endless variety of color, texture, material, pattern and design make this versatile flooring perfect for bringing to fruition your flooring vision.

Lets start with materials. Today's parquetry floors come in many environmentally friendly materials that are easy to install and maintain. Melbourne hardwood classics such as oak and maple, beech or cherry add authenticity to a room. Plywood and laminates make for long-lasting flooring that can be safely laid even at basement level. Bamboo and other exotic woods add that worldly flare without breaking the bank. These and other materials can help you in deciding what will best compliment your home or office space.

In general, prefabricated parquet floors come in either pre-oiled, waxed or finished. These treatments ensure enduring floors that can resist moisture (no buckling or warping) and scratching. This affordable option proves cost-effective even in the long-run. To keep floors in like-new condition, parquet floors can be lightly sanded and refinished to maintain shine and a scuff-free surface.

Parquet Flooring

Benefits of Parquet Flooring

Besides the aforementioned durability, affordability and variety that parquetry flooring offers, there are several other features that make it appealing.

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Resistant to sunlight, moisture and scratching/scuffing
  • Easy to renovate
  • Can be easily installed over concrete floor
  • Safe to lay in the basement
  • Can be patterned to your taste
  • Long-lasting

This is by no means a new way to cover a floor, it is a technique that has endured down through the ages, but today's take on parquet flooring makes it a great way to accent your home. This attractive flooring is a classic that is easy on the budget, the eyes and will look great for many years to come.


Images supplied by master design builders period home renovations. 

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Parquetry Flooring Designs

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Classic Spotted Gum Parquetry

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