Timber Decking

A Timber deck is the perfect choice for building long lasting, low maintenance outdoor structures that delivers a natural, rustic look that can't be accomplished with composite or metal materials. Timber has a unique look to it, creating an attractive aesthetic that makes us think of nature, the Pacific and many other scenic landscapes in the north. It is a durable material to use when building an addition to your Melbourne home and perfect for decking. Not only will it look great, it will also add resale value to your property. Timber decking is manufactured using a variety of soft or hard woods depending on the purpose and desired appearance of the finished design.

You can also use this type of decking for other purposes as well, including around swimming pools, spas, you mini outdoor landscaping oasis, barbecues and more; it's the perfect multi-purposes wood. The benefits of outdoor timber decking range from durability and low maintenance to evening out the ground in rough areas, or to simply being a gorgeous extension of the home.

timber deck

There are various types of decking material used today including synthetic material, a combination of various fibres and PVC decking, aluminium and composite materials. While all have their own set of benefits compared to the various types of wood available but even with these innovations in decking, timber decking always remains a popular choice. The demand for Melbourne timber decking has been up since its early introduction primarily because of its texture and resilience, and because it can fit in beautifully with any natural, outdoor theme. By taking some timber decking, treating it for the weather and for your home, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural look of Timber without having to compromise on reliability.

Hardwood timber decking benefits

  • Durability and long lasting
  • Marks or scratches are less likely
  • Can be sanded down and resealed
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Makes the most of inclines or steep yard areas
  • Increases usable outdoor space
  • Increases the visual appeal of your landscaping
  • Available in a wide variety of variations and colors
  • Increases the home's value
  • Timber decking stays much cooler than concrete

While timber decking is durable, there will still come a time when you'll need to perform a certain amount of maintenance. The first signs of wear and tear including fading or splintering which is usually due to prolonged exposure to weather conditions (moisture/UV rays) and insect damage you'll want to take care of it. There is a variety of native timber that has a natural resistance to insect damage, particularly hard woods which you'll typically not need to have sealed or pressure treated to assure longevity.


Enjoy the benefits of outdoor timber decking by installing it as an attractive and long lasting extension in your home. Imagine enjoying a BBQ on your new deck, enjoying a nice summer day outdoors with your family, watching the kids play in the backyard. Timber decking is a great choice if you are looking at a natural wood deck and one to consider next time you can afford an addition to your home.


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